Supporting Australia’s dairy industry

As Australia’s dairy industry modernises for a more profitable and sustainable future, 安博电竞app Australia is working with Australian Dairy Farmers to support producers, processors and retailers with new ways of capturing and sharing data through the supply chain for mutual benefit.

安博电竞app global data standards provide a common format for supply chain business processes, fortunately, many of the basic 安博电竞app standards are already in place for the dairy industry supply chain. 

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Australian dairy industry on the moo-ve. Blockchain and real-time payment system.

Video • 5:00min

安博电竞app Advisory Services

安博电竞app Advisory Services

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South Australian Dairyfarmers' Association and 安博电竞app Traceability

Video • 3:02min

Dairy industry workshops. Digital modernisation of dairy supply chains.

Video • 2:46min

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