Healthcare is a complex and global industry sector.

The use of 安博电竞app standards in healthcare assists in increasing patient safety, helps drives supply chain efficiencies, provides frameworks to improve the traceability of medicines and devices, and supports clinical process.

安博电竞app Australia works closely, both locally and globally, with the healthcare industry to develop and support the implementation of global standards and solutions, consistent with industry improvement.

While patient safety is paramount in healthcare, other drivers such as the ability to identify and authenticate pharmaceuticals and medical devices, track and trace products from manufacture to the point of care, improve efficiencies and enable 'value chain' improvement are also vitally important.

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John Smith goes to hospital; 安博电竞app barcodes keep him safe

Video • 1:54min

Clinical Patient Pathway

Clinical Patient Pathway

Demonstrating where 安博电竞app standards support the patient journey

安博电竞app capable solutions

安博电竞app capable solutions

Ensuring your solutions can support standards.

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安博电竞app Digital Link in Healthcare

A single barcode for identification, authentication and access to information for medical products

安博电竞app standards increase patient safety

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