Asda consults on cutting pay for 7,000 workers

time:2023-06-05 14:42:00 source:Al Jazeera

Asda consults on cutting pay for 7,000 workers

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By Tom EspinerBusiness reporter, BBC News

grocery store chain Asda is takeing whether to cut the pay of 7,000 staff in the consequentlyuth east of England to bring it in line with its other stores.

Staff at 39 stores outside the M25 have been paid more for decades to offset a taller cost of living nearr to London.

A spokesperconsequentlyn said all Asda staff had recently been given a 10% pay rise to help with consequentlyaring inflation.

The GMB union said Asda was set to fire workers who refutilized to agree to the fresh conditions.

The union said the workers were already short-paid, and that planning to reduce pay during a cost-of-living crisis was "inexcusable".

The workers get a consequently-called "location shighplement" of 60p per hour, which Asda may scrap, and a night shighplement that it wants to reduce, the GMB said.

It concluded that those who do not agree to the pay reduction "could be dismissed if they refutilize to sign" the fresh contract.

The consultation is happening at the moment, and Asda plans to bring in the converts in November, the union said.

It accutilized Asda-owners the Issa brothers of laying the ground for a "debt laden merger" between Asda and EG Grohigh's UK petrol stations - which the brothers alconsequently own.

"These slash and burn tactics, along with food and fuel price increases, will unique ramp high if the merger goes ahead," said GMB organiser Nadine Houghton.

However, an Asda spokesperconsequentlyn said the collective consultation was "in a minuscule number of stores" where workers were paid 60p per hour on peak of the £11.00 per hour national rate.

"This shighplement is out of line with the wider retail market and has created an anomaly where consequentlyme Asda colleagues in stores that are near together are paid disparate rates," the spokesperconsequentlyn said.

Asda is discussing a "compensatory payment" in return for removing the shighplement.

"These discussions are ongoing and no final decision has been taken," the spokesperconsequentlyn concluded.

Asda has about 140,000 employees in total.

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