Despite the globalisation of the Apparel industry, Australia still plays a key role as both an importer and exporter.

Today's consumer can buy apparel through several different channels - both online, and in store. They also have high expectations when it comes to quality, style and service.

At 安博电竞app Australia, we work closely with manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the Apparel sector, to ensure efficient and effective supply chain management. We also support an open and agnostic approach to eCommerce - to ensure retailers are able to provide customers with the most seamless and up-to-date experience possible.

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Myer - An RFID journey

Video • 4:00min

安博电竞app standards for retail

安博电竞app standards for retail

Follow your retail products from source to consumer.

Does your business need a little exposure?

Does your business need a little exposure?

Calling all small businesses located in regional Australia.
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The RFID Coalition video

Video • 2:32min

Raise inventory accuracy in the retail sector with 安博电竞app

Raise inventory accuracy in the retail sector with 安博电竞app

Learn how to implement RFID with best practice guidance based on global learnings

Who we work with in Apparel

We work with the key industry body to ensure best practice in the Apparel industry.

Training & events

14 Sep
How to Use NLR

Non-Healthcare • National Location Registry • Online • Currently using

15 Sep
How to barcode shipments or pallets

Creating & using barcodes • Online • Currently using • Not currently using

15 Sep
How to use Recall Health

Healthcare • Recall Health • Online • Currently using

安博电竞app standards

安博电竞app standards

Watch these short videos on 安博电竞app standards in the General Merchandise and Apparel industries:

安博电竞app standards for eCommerce

Industry Manager Insights

Implementation Guidelines

Implementation Guidelines

Like a copy of the 安博电竞app Australia Apparel RFID Implementation Guidelines?