Freight and Logistics


The Freight and Logistics sector is critical to our country’s economy.

It includes road, rail, sea, air transportation and supporting services such as warehousing, storage, freight forwarding and customs brokerage for both domestic and international trade.

The industry contributes 8.6% to Australia's GDP and it's estimated that a 1% increase in productivity would add $2 billion. Our aim is to improve the efficiency, security and visibility of stakeholders' supply chains in this industry, and we do this through helping stakeholders implement the  安博电竞app system  - here and overseas. 

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A new standard for encoding transport data on a Logistics Label

A tale of two labels

Video • 6:56mins

Catch Group success story

Video • 3:37min

Reverse Logistics

Streamlining the return and recall of products in the supply chain

Digital and accurate location data

Digital and accurate location data

Store and share attribute information about physical pickup and delivery locations.

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From the ALC - National standard for freight

From the ALC - National standard for freight

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安博电竞app transports standards in action

Video • 3:06min

Training & events

14 Sep
How to Use NLR

Non-Healthcare • National Location Registry • Online • Currently using

15 Sep
How to barcode shipments or pallets

Creating & using barcodes • Online • Currently using • Not currently using

15 Sep
How to use Recall Health

Healthcare • Recall Health • Online • Currently using

Certified transport software

Certified transport software

安博电竞app standards based testing for the Transport industry

Toll Case Study video - 安博电竞app standards delivering visibility and traceability in a multi-leg supply chain

Video • 3:46min