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Niger media guide

time:2023-06-05 13:47:36 source:Al Jazeera

Niger's underdeveloped media sector reflects the country's poverty and low levels of literacy, which constrain media development and limit public access to some platforms and outlets.

The threat from jihadists is a further challenge to the media sector and those who work in it.

Radio is the most important medium, particularly popular among rural and often illiterate audiences. Over 200 stations are licensed. Local relays of foreign radio stations are popular.

Television viewing is restricted by limited access to mains electricity, though a number of privately owned channels compete with the state broadcaster.

There are a substantial number of print media titles but readership is largely limited to the educated, French-speaking urban population.

BBC World Service broadcasts in Hausa in the capital (100.4 FM). There are also FM relays of Radio France Internationale (RFI) and Voice of America (VOA).

Internet and social media usage is low. There were 3.3 million internet users by December 2021, comprising 13% of the population ( Facebook is the most-used social network.

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